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Our goal is to build a highly effective educational ecosystem that allows learners to apply existing knowledge on varied areas.

Individuals need to be highly educated in this competitive world, and that is why we emphasize on knowledge and wisdom through this library of books.

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15000+ books  available,  readable with search and print options. The vast number of books are made available to the subscribers of this eLibrary. 

You may be a student or a researcher in a school, college, or university, or a keen learner looking to expand your knowledge. In public libraries, we find shelves where books are placed in racks and mostly categorized in to several topics of academic interest.

This eLibrary is similar in nature, and you will have access to all the books in electronic format, along with search options. Virtual Book Racks are placed on the left hand column, so utilize its benefits.

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We value knowledge and wisdom more than just information given in books. Our ultimate goal is to enable instant access to pearls of information hidden inside valuable books. Good books are guides to us that are published to enable us widen our knowledge base, extend our imagination, and are factual references of past and present to help us discover the "unknown".

Wisdom is the jewel through which one can conquer the senses required to control ourselves. Having information on demand and gaining knowledge from these books would enlighten us to think beyond the boundaries of our universe. Books often motivate us to avoid doing any wrong, and enhances our intellect to know facts about life.

Get instant access to  the eLibrary. Unlike many others, this is for global audience, focused on Knowledge enhancement and Intellectual Growth.

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This library of eBooks is now freely available online, allowing you to read books online. This eLibrary is open from 10 AM to 12 PM and 10 PM to 12 AM IST (Indian Standard Time).

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This eLibrary has "Virtual Racks" in the orange column above. Preview of books are available by clicking on these categorized sections, or you can find books of your choice using the search toolbar.

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Updates to this eLibrary are scheduled at regular intervals, and you may expect to see new books and sections.

Classification of books has been done primarily by the topic nearest to a field of study. Efforts are being made to classify the books according to the adjoining table.

Lets not re-invent the wheel, Instead be capable of knowing the unknown.